Dr. Merrilee Fullerton combines twenty-eight years of family practice experience with an avid interest in demographics, economics, and social media. As a blogger and a writer she endeavors to lead the “big picture” discussion surrounding the complex world of health care and its ongoing transformation.

Originally from Whitehorse Yukon, she is a long time resident of Ontario but also spent time in Alberta during her medical training. She is a former President of The Academy of Medicine Ottawa and has served as a member of  the Champlain Local Health Integration Network’s Health Professionals Advisory Committee.  She was selected  as a City of Ottawa Board of Health member for a four year term ending in 2014.  Past community experience includes providing input to The Ottawa Hospital Community Advisory Committee from 2008-2010.

She blogs at “Dr. Merrilee Fullerton on Healthcare” and can be found on Twitter @doctorfullerton. Writing  freelance for The Ottawa Citizen from 2004 to 2007, Dr. Fullerton has established herself as a thoughtful communicator bringing health care information to the general public.

She has been active within the medical profession as a representative to the Ontario Medical Association Council as well as a delegate to the Canadian Medical Association Council bringing forward concepts surrounding the sustainability of Canada’s health care system,  health human resource planning, social determinants of health,  and virtual care including mHealth,  otherwise known as “mobile health”. Most recently she has assisted in creating and delivering a leadership program for women physicians.

Dr. Fullerton is a passionate advocate for diversity, flexibility, and resiliency in health care and supports a Hybrid Health System as a long term solution to Canada’s health care challenges.